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It seems as though the Wolves of WolfNote have been in hibernation for a very long time….....Despite the fact that wolves don't really hibernate, dring Covid, live music became very difficult, if not impossible, for many bands, either to rehearse or perform, and WolfNote were no exception.

Trying to get 6 different people with different lives and families and commitments in the same place is pretty hard at the best of times, but for a while there, as we all know, getting together just wasn’t feasible.

Anyone who has anything to do with live music will tell you that while the joys of the internet made some social contact possible during Covid, live music rehearsals do not work online because of the time delay. Sadly the technology isn’t up to that challenge just yet! We did manage one or two garden rehearsals when the weather was ok – apologies to any of our neighbours who were exposed to that! – but really we were very much on hiatus.

The one thing we did manage, though, was a tiny bit of writing. It’s been a while in the making, but we’re so excited, on 24th February, to finally be able to bring you our new single – Hope in the Dark. Some of you may already have seen a few little teasers for the new track. Watch out for some more across our social media channels (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) over the next few days. We hope you enjoy it!

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